Experts warn about cryptocurrency risks2021-05-27
The Inner Mongolia autonomous region released a draft plan on Tuesday to phase out cryptocurrency "mining" activities in the region, which came in the wake of the central financial regulating authorities' restrictions on bitcoin mining and trading.
Digital RMB trial expands to include first private bank2021-05-11
China's digital RMB trial has for the first time included a privately owned bank, indicating a further expansion of applications and the country's firm attitude in driving the pilot program, analysts said.
Survey finds yuan's global rise unstoppable2021-04-29
The renminbi strengthened its position as a global settlement currency last year, with a growing number of overseas financial institutions willing to increase their Chinese currency denominated assets, a new survey found.
139875744_16182365742201n.jpg Digital yuan trial heralds inclusive tech future2021-04-13
Digital yuan trial heralds inclusive tech future
China set to expand digital currency trials2021-04-20
China will further expand trials of e-CNY, the digital currency floated by the People's Bank of China, the central bank, and tighten regulations on privately-created cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Stablecoin, according to officials and experts.
Digital yuan efforts gather more speed2021-03-25
China's six major commercial banks are stepping up digital wallet efforts to provide new impetus for the digital renminbi trials in the country.
Digital yuan pilots making steady progress: official2021-03-23
China's digital yuan pilots and tests are making steady progress, according to a researcher under the People's Bank of China, the country's central bank.
RMB gains larger share in international payment: SWIFT2021-02-22
The Chinese currency renminbi (RMB), or the yuan, has retained its spot as the fifth most attractive currency for global payments by value in January but with a larger share as a global payment currency, said the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a global provider of financial messaging services.
Chinese yuan's real EER strengthens for 6 months: BIS2021-02-15
The real effective exchange rate (EER) of the Chinese yuan has strengthened for six consecutive months up to December 2020, latest data from the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) showed.
Digital currency issued to boost Spring Festival consumption2021-02-08
Several Chinese cities are using digital renminbi (RMB) to boost consumption during the upcoming Spring Festival and promote the use of the new form of currency.
Yuan continues rally against greenback2021-01-08
China's renminbi moved to the strongest value against the US dollar in more than two years on Thursday, as global investors continued to have faith in the nation's strong economic recovery.
Digital yuan parades its strengths during trial2020-12-29
Imagine a digital currency that can be used even without the internet, one that does not have to be linked to a bank account and is treated just as bank notes and coins.
HK starts talks with PBOC for digital yuan pilot tests2020-12-10
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority said it is discussing the technical pilot testing of the digital yuan, or e-CNY, for cross-border payments with the Digital Currency Institute of the People's Bank of China, the central bank.
Yuan gets stronger as nation's forex reserves hit 4-year high2020-12-08
Global investors expect a stronger Chinese yuan to stabilize the world's largest foreign exchange reserves, fueled by optimism over the country's economic recovery and higher investment returns of domestic financial assets that will attract capital inflows-despite global financial vulnerabilities affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
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